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          Company slogan:
          Save time, worry, and effort to help you effectively network marketing.

          Company goals:
          To create the first brand of domestic marketing software.

          Company aim:
          The interests of customers, employees' interests, to maximize the interests of shareholders, that maximize the value of the company;
          The interests of customers: the use of high-quality software, attentive service and professional consultation to improve competitiveness, enhance the image of individuals and businesses;
          Employee benefits: pride, job satisfaction, the level of skills and experience to continuously improve and accumulation on the level of income in the same industry, a broad space for development;
          Shareholders' interests: tangible and intangible investment income.

          Enterprise spirit:
          Dedication, integrity, responsibility, innovation;
          Dedication: the quality of the software and services, to improve the level of user network marketing, we cherish this opportunity, and we respect this profession, and we are proud of;
          Honesty: Sincerity to convince people, to the interests of the user to ensure the interests of the company to achieve economic benefits, social benefits;
          Diligence: our software design, development, testing, implementation, all aspects of the service are diligent attention to detail;
          Innovation: Innovation is the essence of creative destruction. Innovative ways to think creatively and explore. Only by constant self-denial, self-improvement, to create a valuable product, market, and service.

          Attitude is everything, details determine success or failure;
          People-oriented. Respecting knowledge and personality;
          CD performance, not only academic, not only qualifications, not the only past the credit;
          Provide sufficient resources so that all employees can be most suited to their direction of development;
          Encourage innovation, promote "performance". A sound system, norms, from the person responsible for the progress to be responsible;
          Encourage pondering things "oppose" pondering "will never allow any form of" office politics ".