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          Seize the Dongying implementation of the "big open, big investment, big development strategic opportunity, established in collaboration with the world's top 500 companies, become Dongying's first collaboration with the world's top 500 enterprises, a corporate headquarters city, the region to achieve a strategic shift.
          Into the field of real estate development.
          Shares listed on the Shanghai stock exchange, the city's first listed private enterprises.
          Group and the Provincial Department of Transportation Highway Bureau cooperation, the use of BOT mode of investment, construction, operation and so on the bridge, officially opened to traffic, becoming the first private enterprises in the north of the Yangtze River and the government to build the BOT model of the bridge.
          Institute of engineering design, occupation of the commanding heights of the industry.
          The outbreak of the financial crisis, the State encourages the private capital to enter the bank credit business, the group took the opportunity to initiate the establishment of small loan companies, the first batch of small loan pilot companies in Shandong.
          Set up a financial leasing company in Beijing to provide financing channels for small and medium enterprises.
          The establishment of the development company, to provide a platform for the development of a high long small and medium-sized enterprises; the same year and reached a strategic cooperation and exploration in the field of mineral resources for hospitals